The Protocol Integration Module (PIM) translates protocols in real time making it much easier to manage the proliferation of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and associated Supervisory Control Systems (SCADAs) that we rely on today.

With the PIM, operations staff are able to get information from IEDs in real-time, so that issues can be remedied well before they bring systems down.

The PIM is capable of handling the communications between a huge array of IEDs and SCADAs by converting different protocols, including the more common protocols like MODBUS, Distributed Network Protocol (DNP) and IEC.

By translating protocols, the PIM enables real time communication between IEDs and SCADAs, alerting operations staff to system problems before they become serious issues affecting your bottom line.

The PIM is a flexible solution that is easily programmed in the field to suit your needs and system requirements.

Download the PIM Brochure