Production Software Limited (PSL), established in 1984 provides software development services and products.

Our services provide custom-built software solutions, designed to improve a client's decision making through the exploitation of their information resources.

Our software products solve the protocol mismatch issues for Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) manufacturers and utility companies.

Our software products translate protocols to ensure that the communication between mission critical IEDs and their associated supervisory control systems occurs in real-time.

Our success is built on our ability to deliver software solutions that meet our clients' needs. We provide both technical and operational expertise to ensure each client's requirements are met.

Our uncompromising attention to quality and an ISO 9001 accredited quality management system ensures that our products and services are of an exceptional standard.

"PSL's friendly, experienced staff provided Kelman with the perfect partnership to deliver the quality products our customers needed." Stephen Beattie, Director, Engineering, Kelman Ltd.